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Iranosauripus was believed to live in the Middle Triassic, though the first true dinosaurs - such as Eoraptor - did not become dominant until the Late Triassic.


Jialingpus is an ichnogenus of dinosaur. Its footprints have been found in the Feitianshan Formation, a low-energy lake formation. Its footprints were found within the vicinity of those of the smaller Minisauripus, meaning that it hunted Minisaur ...


Glut, Donald F. 2003. "Appendix: Dinosaur Tracks and Eggs". Dinosaurs: The Encyclopedia. 3rd Supplement. Jefferson, North Carolina: McFarland & Company, Inc. pp. 613–652. ISBN 0-7864-1166-X.


Malakhelisaurus is an ichnogenus of dinosaur footprint found in Pakistan. Several Malakhelisaurus footprints were destroyed due to the construction of a road. It coexisted with the theropod ichnotaxon surghari Samanadinda.


Minisauripus is an ichnogenus of dinosaur footprint. Minisauripus is regarded as the smallest dinosaur ever discovered. It was less than 20 cm long. Its footprints have been found in the Feitianshan Formation, a low-energy lake formation. Its foo ...


Otozoum is an extinct ichnospecies of fossilized sauropodomorph dinosaur footprints and other markings in sandstones. They were made by heavy, bipedal animals with a short stride that walked on four toes directed forward. Otozoum tracks were disc ...


Parabrontopodus is an ichnogenus of dinosaur footprint, that was initially appointed by Lockley et al. in 1994, and was assigned to Sauropoda by Lockley in 2002 and in 2004 by Niedzwiedzki and Pienkowski. Various species through their footprints ...


These footprints have been found in Callovian/Oxfordian eolian sandstones of Argentina age range: from 164.7 to 155.7 million years ago. They have been identified as belonging to small ground dwelling carnivore dinosaurs, probably Coelurosaurs.


Sauroidichnites is an ichnotaxon of saurian reptiles. The name was originally used by Edward Hitchcock as a higher group name rather than a specific ichnogenus, and thus the name does not have priority over specific ichnogenus names even if they ...

Sauropus (ichnogenus)

Sauropus is a dinosaur imprint. One imprint given this name may be from a sitting dinosaur, perhaps made by a dinosaur similar to Psittacosaurus. The authors of The Beginning of the Age of Dinosaurs: Faunal Change across the Triassic-Jurassic Bou ...


Tyrannosauripus is an ichnogenus of dinosaur footprint. It was discovered by geologist Charles "Chuck" Pillmore in 1983 and formally described by Martin Lockley and Adrian Hunt in 1994. This fossil footprint from northern New Mexico is 86 cm long ...


Xiangxipus is an ichnogenus of carnosaurian dinosaur from icnofamily Eubrontidae. Footprints of this dinosaur was founded only at Cretaceous deposits of China in Xiangxi, Jiuquwan mine tracksite. These deposits were dated at 99.7 to 66.043 Ma. Xi ...


Prorotodactylus is a dinosauromorph ichnogenus known from fossilized footprints found in Poland and France. The prints may have been made by a dinosauromorph that was a precursor to the dinosaurs, possibly closely related to Lagerpeton. Fossils o ...

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